ASIA, TNS – Bombing at 3 years old

“You might even need a rifle — I don’t even know what the deal is with bears up there.”


  1. some dude

    yo , this interview is really cool i like how he talks abotu hoping, but yo do more interviews more often dude like i like looking at the site and seeing a new interview its sweet

  2. Arys TBK

    Great interview. I have been waiting a long time to hear what this guy has had to say. Even through hes not from sacramento he had a great influence on that city. I love hearing from the old school.


    nice i’view buddy. that crack dealer story gets me everytime. man, the memories! remember the first day you arrived in ZH and that chase we had 5 minutes in to the piece. you were up in one of the hottest yard is switzerland with your sandles on and made yourself look like carl lewis the way you jette out of there!!! lol

  4. Asap

    The more I read hopping and hobos the more I find relation to the militant preparations of something like a cross country whole car mission in the most active yards in the nation…every night.
    Amen for the cannonball piggy backs!

  5. 604writer

    really loved this interview. I was surprised to hear about his appreciation for Canadian writers along with his transition into design. the flicker account linked is now non existent and i really wanna see these flicks! hope to see these old photos surface on the internet soon!

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