DARK: The John McClane of the Train Yards

“The Police can come over and fuckin’ have some tea. I ain’t got shit here. Come hang out.”



  1. Wacko UTA Crew

    dont hate on dark! that nigga gets up probley more then half of yall!!! what up DARK?? keep doing what you do…good interview on day in the lyfe movie also!! much love

  2. DBOE

    rod ttiffington ur a punk trick fst kills an u must be sad kid! no love from real writers, what a joke MINES DARK AKAE DUES DENZ GAMBLE BJAE just to name drop a few, u ever pulled your head outta your ass an peeped any of the crews steez son? your a fuckin joke! THAT Dude yep ur right were all clowns makin yall look like a bunch of sad jokes!!! FAMILY STAYS TRUE

  3. i write graff

    i’m sorry but this is so boring.. five minutes into this I had to cut it off. I was interested in Dark cause I like his and mines stuff the most outta FST.. but where did all the shit about coupe even come from? Dude was asking about how he got in the crew and he goes on talking about coupe being this way and blah blah blah. man. I’m sorry but really boring.

  4. Harry Longabaugh

    Hahah at Dboe….Bunch Of Lames in that crew. BJAE got that ass whooped when he came to San Diego. still on the lookout for his boyfriend dorms sneaky ass nigga. Dark dont even want to be seen cause he knows bjae. like glass fillins.

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