Take a DETOUR, on a Back Country Road

“I never made love in a car wash”

The longer I do these interviews the more I realize that only a few writers actually make it 20 plus years in graffiti. All of them have a unique quality that makes them resilient to the setbacks in life. Detour is on that short list and is showing no signs of stopping. After losing everything he owned to a wildfire, he has started over with his new life. His character is revealed in these times of distress, but with a chuckle in his voice you know he is gonna be just fine.


  1. capitalT

    Yo vance I emailed you about doing a show probably a year ago from the sticks of the mountain lands. I just got out the dungeon and checked the new casts. Detour knows what’s up, we think alike fo sho. Keep the email checked I’m planning on getting back to you real soon. Cheers

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