GESO: It all started from cigarettes

“Don’t do cocaine and paint freights — you will be hiding in the bushes from vans that aren’t coming.”


  1. saxrot

    Wow, I think this is my new favorite after Jaber and Yeti.
    Just straight to the point and no bullshit.
    A lot of good advice at the end. And I was laughing when he was talking about how much he dislikes the hobo freight scene, I’m a fan of it, but I can see why he doesn’t like it.

  2. nicklesndimes

    Wow, that interview turned out kind of lame.

    Who tries to promote internet porn on a freight graffiti interview, that was pretty annoying actually.

    ..@ the end you could tell the interviewer didn’t even want to talk to the person anymore, just abruptly ended it.

  3. DEJA

    The abrupt ending was the result of my inability to wrap up an interview and is NOT meant to imply any lack of interest in continuing the conversation with the pornstar reading GESO’s answers. —DEJA

  4. The Lone Barone

    Geso what happened to you man? you used to be cool.

    Not quite sure why you dont have any ettiquette anymmore. Your old stuff was dope but your new stuff doesnt even have letters anymore. you say you hate production fags but thats what your stuff looks like. nobody reads that bogus when its layed up, let alone rolling.

    your new stuff is good for backgrounds of other writers and thats about it. But hey, maybe you can start a tshirt company and get rich off of it! Afterall, its been done before, like you said.

  5. engine

    Lone Barone, geso has been around a long time, keeps busy, and continues to change it up. If you like the old solid letter style, that’s fine, but, of all the trash on the lines, to attack geso seems silly. His style is like no one else’s out there and he continues to innovate. I can spot one of his trains from a distance. Much respect to geso.

  6. upinthecut

    yo deja will this get put up on itunes? aint got speakers to listen live.

    and seriously, i can understand some purist being like where did the letters go but engines got a point. theres tons of trash rolling out there, hate on that. just because it aint your cup of tea doesnt mean it isnt legit

  7. Dfect

    Wait wtf… it was a pornstar reading his answers? Sounded pretty legit to me… Not like someone reading… Voice changer or what?? I thought this guy was really a girl and actually enjoyed it like that.. loll

  8. Bern

    Geso is a sav…I think people take his approach to be condescending…but how would you feel if your style was constantly being bit and creativity becomes lacking while yours is advancing…props to Geso and his work

  9. V

    Fuck yeah!!,,Such a relief from all the boring ass hour long ramblings about shit no one give a fuck about anyway, i couldnt listen to an entire one straight through, thanks Geso i needed to hear that. 

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