ICHABOD: Ooh, I like that one

“I’m down with death.”



  1. Path

    the interview reminded me of Speak n’ Spell. but it was dope to here some words behind the madness.
    after listening to ICH im intrested in doing some tic tocks myself.

  2. El Toxico Uno

    Very interesting. I have a lot more respect for him after hearing this. Before that I wasn’t sure what to think other than he must be a skeleton with copious trains.

  3. used rugs

    ”i thinkyour toy days are more fun, before you met some of the dudes youve seen on walls and find out theyre an asshole or something” hahahah thats got me rollin. good interview

  4. blank

    really inspiring, graffiti also makes me wonder who some of these people are. one of my friends says he knows him and syms and i dont doubt that because hes in his 20s and lives around them. Ive always wanted to hear what ich has had to say and now that ive heard its really opened my eyes.

  5. toaxer

    Wutup Ich your a beast man…was great to meet you in the yard last week thanks for the knowledge and conversation….keep killin it I know you will man you represent to the fullest and not many in the country can fuck with your ups right now..like I was saying I seen 40 pieces of yours on one train wtf thats ups….im inspired to rock more now.

  6. crudemidckhed

    When i was coming up there was a trailer truck parked up near my house with a hollow from this guy and maybe an owl hand on it too, definatly one of the first writers i seen up. Dude’s got my resepect for sure!

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