OIL: A True Soldier

“He was kind of a small framed dude, but he had this huge, huge heart.” -BASER

“…the freshest there is.” -VILE8

“He was like the Cuban Tupac.” -ECHO

“He always had your back…if you needed a favor, like, I gotta move, and it’s snowing, and there is no truck, and we gotta walk down the block with a couch on our back. He would be there for you” -DASH

“…even jealous of him. He was always a cool dude. I always said, man, I wish I was more like that.” -MBER

“He was the most solid person I’ve ever met” -JUNE


    1. BESEK.ONE

      I don’t know if anyone on here knows but OILER spent a lot of time on Los Angeles before Miami and he killed it everywhere..in the early to mid 90’s you couldnt go anywhere in L.A without seeing OILER L.O.D tags..I met him in 92 at the Belmont tunnel with DECLINE…he’s a true king and will be forever missed. .ML/R ALWAYS. .P.S. look up 90’a L.A  graff on YouTube you’ll see him on the news bombing a tall ass billboard

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  3. paid wgep

    great interview, it’s good to hear how much he meant to so many people, because he touched countless people through graff, tattoo’s, and just living his life…the crudest one, you are missed greatly

  4. Bryan Horne

    I should have been contacted for this interview, I’m more than happy to talk about this because he was my brother. I was the last person to speak with him, it kills me inside everyday. #RIPOILER

  5. Adrian B aka DESL

    R.I.P. Bernie. Its hard not to get choked up reading all the kind words from those he knew. You are truly missed. I used to chill with Bernie back in the 90’s before college. He was always an outstanding friend and always had your back no matter what the woes. I still remember the times we’d leave Diamontes in SOBE in the wee hours and wreck it until noon the next day. May your passion and your words live on in our hearts and on the walls and trains that you finessed with your touch. Legends never die. I miss you bro! 

  6. Kenny-Wayne

    Oil was a awesome dude. Everyone knew him for his graffiti but he was a great tattoo artist as well. I still got his portfolio from when we tattooed at myrtle beach together

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