PASER: The Southern Gentleman

“…It wasn’t a cow. It wasn’t a dog. It wasn’t no fuckin’ cat.”




    Hell of an interview, I missed my train because I too busy listening to it- fucking thing pulled in and out with me looking right at it, not even seeing it. Good job, man.

  2. Path

    im not going to ruin it. but when he found that _____ under that bridge. that shit had me kind of shook for a couple hours just thinking about being in that situation.

  3. douche

    hey jose your a piece of shit and i know who you are and no this isnt paser. hope ya have pictures of all ya shit cause its gone now ya punk mother fuckin bitch ass toy slut faggit. bitch

  4. nem

    This interview is sweet. Good stories and Paser seems like a really legitimately good guy, not to mention what hes doing on the lines is pretty mindblowing.

    When you give time for shoutouts or influential writers Kerse AMFM pops up a lot. Itd be interesting to hear an interview from him. Seems like he keeps his head down and off the net but itd be interesting nonetheless.

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