SUG: Chillin’ in his underwear and his socks

“I don’t want to have to fight just for a fuckin’ cookie.”



  1. Bboy Steve

    Nice history lesson. You hung out with MATCH? hahaha. Dope, we ran with that cat for a very quick second. There was a couple trains that ran thru El Paso with some New York writers on em. Believe it not. But Yo, keep doin wut you doin Sug.
    Bboy Steve’s got your back.


  2. Dove

    Fuck Ya… This is Just Too Fresh… it was very refreshing to hear the voice of an old friend… Im glad to hear he’s still running shit … in every aspect…. Word em up Suga Bum…. Hey Fool Your style is FRESH dont be so hard on yourself…. LOL

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