Therapy with The Kodak Kidd

“This is a way for me to just say whatever the hell I want. I don’t write for anybody but myself.”

-The Kodak Kidd


  1. The Kodak Kidd

    haha, Cole and I have already linked up at the Steel Wheels show in Atlanta, October 2008. We were so busy with the show, we didn’t have much time to talk trains, but…..I hope in the future to get together with him and compare the history we documented. I’ve talked with him for years, it was actually nice to meet him for the first time, he is a great guy!

  2. The Kodak Kidd

    No, but I and my family lost everything else we had, including our 2 dogs. All my albums were at a friends house for safe keeping, they’ve been there for a couple years. I’m glad I did that.

  3. P00RB0Y

    Great interview! Very inspiring. TKK kills it. Makes me wanna throw a roll in my AE-1 & hit the yard with some streaks. Still haven’t caught a TKK however! Send ’em down to Southern California!

  4. Amanda

    This is my dad. I googled The Kodak Kidd and came across this page and I’m absolutely crying tears right now hearing his voice. He passed away 3/22/19. A little over a year now. Finding this archive and hearing you guys converse talking about himself in his element is so filling to my heart.. if you have anything else. Or leads on his artwork I’d love to purchase to hang in my room.. thankful people like you got to know such a great guy!

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